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Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) Paintings Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) Paintings Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) Paintings Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) Paintings

Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) Paintings

- Wide Variety of Decorating Styles Available

- Make Every Room of Your Home Better

- Custom Sizes And Framing Options

For customers who want their paintings to have an old look and feel, we have just the right solution in our Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) painting service. When you request an 'aged' art piece, our artists execute your painting on a specially-prepared canvas, employing special oil paints and painting techniques. This results in a painting with a distinguished antique look with the surface of the artwork looking genuinely cracked, as found in very old paintings where the paint coating has dried and shrunk over the years resulting in hairline cracks.

Look below for samples of paintings on which the craquelure process has been executed. You will get an idea of how beautiful and authentically antique your painting can look when finished, with just a little extra expenditure. However, please bear in mind that this special aged-look process is suitable only for paintings that are produced on smooth media and not paintings produced by mounting several layers of paint employing thick brushstrokes, as you would normally find in Impressionist works or the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. To make ordering easy, when the craquelure process is suitable for application on a specific painting, we provide a tag specifying "Aged & Cracked (Craquelure)" adjacent to the product name.

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