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Jan van Eyck - Oil Painting Reproductions Jan van Eyck - Oil Painting Reproductions Jan van Eyck - Oil Painting Reproductions

Jan van Eyck - Oil Painting Reproductions

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Jan van Eyck, born in Maaseik, Belgium, is considered one of the foremost Flemish artists of the Netherlandish Renaissance. While he is generally mistaken as the inventor of oil-painting, he was actually a master of the medium, then extremely new and novel. He first used oil for panel paintings to achieve enhanced effects through glaze and wet-on-wet painting technique that earned him the moniker ‘father of oil painting’. Of the most-talented 15th century European painters, van Eyck is best-remembered for his highly representative portraiture and religious figure painting. His trademark depiction of a pose in three-quarter, along with his proficiency in oil painting, brought an astounding new realism to portrait painting and drove him to the apex of Northern Renaissance, and made him hugely popular amongst the new bourgeois and traders.

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