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How To Take & Choose Good Pictures How To Take & Choose Good Pictures How To Take & Choose Good Pictures

How To Take & Choose Good Pictures

- Examples of High, Average, And Poor Quality Images

- Quick Tips to Improve Your Photography

- Better Photo = Better Painting

To achieve optimum quality results, send us only high-quality images, with a minimum resolution of 500 x 500 pixels and at least 100 KB in size. It will help painters to do their work with perfection. Our artists will then meticulously evaluate each of the submitted photos to deliver quality output. Below are some examples of high-grade, average, and poor quality images.

High Quality Images Work Fine In All Styles

These shots use sharp focus, which allows the subject to occupy most of the frame. Zooming on the facial attributes will help you to realize that our portrait painters have diligently worked on those details to make the work a real piece of art.

High quality images qualify as:

  • Focus on the figures
  • Perfect position
  • Maximum frame space
Good Photo Example 1

focus on the figures

Good Photo Example 2

perfect position

Good Photo Example 3

maximum frame space

Average Images Work Fine in Most Styles

Average shots are fine but they lack the focus or clarity of high-grade images. The lines will not appear that distinct if you zoom in on the details. Our dedicated graphics team will painstakingly work on the flawed details to improve the features. Only then will such shots be handed over to our painters. *the image editing service is absolutely free of charge.

Average quality images qualify as:

  • Moderately focused on the subject
  • The subject takes up most space of the frame
  • Average in terms of clarity
Moderate Photo Example 1

blurry image

Moderate Photo Example 2

out of frame space

Moderate Photo Example 3

subject is too far

Poor Quality Images Won't Work in Majority Styles

Poor quality snapshots won't produce quality output. If you possess such photos and want it to be changed into a great painting, simply send it to us and our talented image editors will discuss about the feasibility.

Poor quality images qualify as:

  • No focus, and are blurry or hazy
  • Subject incorrectly positioned
  • Poor resolution
  • Dearth of clarity owing to excessive or less exposure
Bad Photo Example 1

hazy photo

Bad Photo Example 2

no focus on subject

Bad Photo Example 3

incorrect exposure

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