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Brush Coins

At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about our rewards program, how it works, redeem process, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Rewards Program

We appreciate the fact that customers trust our website for purchasing their favorite paintings. To express our appreciation, we have introduced an interesting rewards program that provides our customers with special discounts, promotions, and free goodies. We have named this program as Brush Coins – after you have signed up, you will acquire coins for your purchases that can be redeemed during checkout. The more you shop from, the more Brush Coins you earn.

When you sign up for BrushWiz account

Signing up for a BrushWiz account will provide you with the following advantages:

  • Acquire Brush Coins for every item you buy
  • Acquire Brush Coins for every product review you submit
  • Redeem those Brush Coins to get high discounts
  • Win regular prizes and rewards by taking part in our Brush Coins program

Anyone can join our Brush Coins program. If you do not have an account at BrushWiz yet, create one today. Creating an account will provide you with various advantages, which include availing exclusive deals, sharing with others about your experience with BrushWiz and creating an exclusive Wish List. So, create an account now and enjoy the benefits!

How it works

We calculate the Brush Coins on the basis of the subtotal amount of an order. On approval of your pending coins, their value will be credited to your account. You must have a BrushWiz account to earn Brush Coins. Click Here to become a member.

Value of 1 Brush Coin

For every $1 spent at our site, you earn 1 Brush Coin. Each Brush Coin is equal to $0.1. That means, the more coins you earn, the more discount you will get for your future purchases. Please remember that we can make any changes to the above mentioned rate anytime without prior notice.

Write Reviews to Earn Brush Coins

You can earn Brush Coins by writing reviews as well. We reward our writers with Brush Coins for the product reviews they submit to our site. If you are a fine art connoisseur or have bought any item from our site, we request you to share your experience with other members. The standard rate for every product review is 10 Brush Coins. However, we also give 100 Brush Coins per review for highly informative reviews.

Coins Calculations

We calculate the Brush Coins on the basis of the subtotal amount of an order. You won’t earn any coins for shipping or tax charges. We exclude these charges and calculate only the money you have spent for an order.

Time Taken for Brush Coins Updating

Once your order is confirmed, we take 24-48 hours from the date of purchase to post Brush Coins in your account. If you don’t see reward coins within 48 hours, please contact us.

Coins Tracking Process

Sign in using your emails and password at and go to the My Account page to check your Brush Coins and account activity. If you have any questions regarding reward coins or membership, please contact us.

Brush Coins Usage Facilities

Only registered users can use their Brush Coins, but sharing of your Brush Coins with anyone else is not allowed.

Redeem Process

During the check out process, we give you an option to pay your order amount by using the Brush Coins you have in your account. You can either pay your entire bill amount or a part of it by using Brush Coins. Just click on "Use my Brush Coins," and enter the amount you want to use. The balance amount will be automatically applied to the order total. Please remember that, if you don’t have enough Brush Coins you have to select another payment option to pay for your purchase. After order confirmation, we will deduct the used coins from your account and update the account.

Minimum Brush Coins

Right now, we don’t have a minimum balance policy. However, if there is not enough Brush Coins you must use other payment options to buy our products. We suggest our customers to check this page regularly as we may modify this policy in future.

Brush Coins Expiry Date

There is no expiry date for Brush Coins. You can accumulate Brush Coins for as long as you wish and redeem them whenever you need. However, if your account is closed due to any reason, you will lose all your Brush Coins.

Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can be used for buying almost any product or service at our website. Gift certificates can also be combined with Brush Coins and other promotional offers as well.

Benefits of Saving Brush Coins

Absolutely. There is no expiry date for Brush Coins. You can save Brush Coins and redeem them together for buying a costly product.

Return an Item

When you return a purchased product, we deduct the Brush Coins earned for the item from your account.

Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Only registered members of BrushWiz can avail for Brush Coins
  • Brush Coins are valid only for online purchases at
  • These coins are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • They cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstance
  • While purchasing any item with Brush Coins, you need to opt for an alternative payment method, in case there is insufficient coins in your Brush Coins Account to cover your purchase cost.
  • The total amount of coins earned are exclusive of taxes and shipping charges

Please note, we possess the right to modify this policy at any time, without issuing any prior notice.

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