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Gift Cards

At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about gift cards and certificates, paying with a gift card, check card balance, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Gift Cards and Certificates

BrushWiz gift cards can be used towards the purchase of any item sold on our website. These gift cards are available in any denomination ranging from $50 to $1,000, and can be delivered to any destination in the world by normal mail or through e-mail if you so desire.

BrushWiz Plastic Gift Cards

It is easy to show near and dear that you care with a Gift Card from These gift cards that can be redeemed on any of the products available on the website make for a wonderful gift that is sure to be highly appreciated by the recipient. The gift card sent by mail contains the card number together with a PIN which can be found on the silver-colored scratch-off area on your card's back. These gift cards never expire and no sales tax is applicable to them.

BrushWiz Electronic Gift Cards

A fully customizable Electronic Gift Card is also available at You can choose a card design to go with the occasion, put in your personal message and configure the gift amount. On your specified date of email delivery, your recipient will receive a personalized email that also contains the unique card number and PIN that can be redeemed against any product of their choice. These gift cards never expire and do not attract any sales tax.

Buy a Gift Card

To facilitate purchases of Gift Card you can just visit BrushWiz eGift Cards & Gift Cards page. There are several other links to this page all across our website. You can click on any of those, including the Gift Cards link on the top right hand corner of our home page.

Shipping Options

When purchasing gift cards you have the option of selecting between standard (free) or rush shipping methods. All other shipping alternatives and information can also be viewed from the help pages available by clicking on Shipping Rates and Times. Electronic Gift Cards are sent directly to your recipient's email address, and therefore always free.


Electronic gift cards: You can choose a delivery date up to 1-year from the date of your purchase. If you choose today's date, the email should reach you within 2-4 hours of placing your order. However, sometimes when a manual review is necessitated for any reason such as a new card transaction, the delivery time can go up to 24 hours but this is a very rare event.

Plastic fixed-value gift cards: Gift cards with a pre-determined value will be delivered by the mode of shipping that you choose at the time of checking out. When purchasing gift cards you have the option of selecting between standard (free) or rush shipping methods. All other shipping alternatives and information can also be viewed from the help pages available by clicking on Shipping Rates and Times.


Gift Cards are a sure and secure way of purchasing on Each gift card is identifiable through a 16-digit card number that is unique and a PIN code. The card number as well as the PIN can be located under the silver scratch-off patch on the reverse of the plastic gift card. In case of an Electronic Gift card, the email sent by contains the card number as well as the PIN. In the event of a loss or theft of a gift card, assistance may be sought by contacting our customer service.

Gift Cards Expiation Date

Gift cards redeemable on do not expire or have a renewal fees.

Personalized Gift Card Message

When you are purchasing electronic gift cards for near and dear ones, you have an option of customizing them with a personal message. The process is simple and can be done just by clicking on "Customize" button available on the gift card details page and following the instructions thereafter. The Gift Message Service is quick, simple and free of cost. *Personalized Gift Card Messages are available only on electronic gift cards.

Problems with an Electronic Gift Card

In case the recipient has not received the Electronic Gift Card or if the email with the claim code of the Electronic Gift Card has been deleted by mistake then we can be of assistance. You may contact us with the details of your order number, recipient name and email address to which the Card was sent. After investigating and validating your request, we will send you an email. If it is acceptable, we will re-issue it and send it to the recipient via email. * Please note that the amounts that have been spent already, will not be re-issued. However, in some cases, it might necessitate a fresh order and extra charges.

Lost or Stolen BrushWiz Gift Cards

Gift Cards from BrushWiz are similar to cash and it is not possible to replace lost or stolen cards or make a refund of any existing balances. If your card details are still with you then you may use them to transact on the website on the condition that the gift card has not already been used up by somebody else.

Paying With a Gift Card

If you have received a plastic gift card, then scratch off to reveal the card number as well as the PIN at the back or if you’ve received the card by email, then locate the claim code contained therein.

Add your chosen items to the shopping cart, and during your checkout, you should enter the card number as well as the 4-digit PIN and click on the ‘Apply’ button to redeem your gift card. For one purchase, you can add unlimited number of gift cards. In the event of your purchase price exceeding the value of your gift card, the balance amount will be charged to your credit card or any other payment mode. On the other hand if the gift amount exceeds the purchase cost, the unused balance remains on the last entered gift card.

It is necessary that you keep your gift card until you are satisfied with your products that you redeemed your gift card with. In case you return the items or cancel your order then your gift card will be loaded back with the charged amount.

Payment Flexibility

It is possible for you to mix payment modes using gift cards. You may choose to use only a certain amount out of your gift card balance and the rest of the purchase amount may be charged to your credit card or any other payment mode. For example you may use only $25 from your $100 gift card and charge the rest of the purchase amount to your credit card. A single order can also be paid for using multiple gift cards.

Buying Items That Cost More or Less than the Card Amount

In case the total value of the order placed by you is less than what is available on your BrushWiz Gift Card, the balance will be stored for usage against purchases in the future. In case the total value of orders placed by you exceeds the available amount on your BrushWiz Gift Card then you may pay the extra amount with your credit card or any other payment method available.

Paying With More Than One BrushWiz Gift Card

You can pay using more than one BrushWiz Gift Card. After the first card is entered, the details are displayed on the purchase summary and then you can opt to use another gift card; you can use as many gift cards as you wish against a single order.

Returning Gift Card Purchases

Our usual return policy governing online purchases are applicable for all transactions carried out with gift cards. When your refund order is being processed after our confirmation, you can expect a refund within 30 days of your refund application. Your card will be then credited with the amount refunded. In the event of you no longer having the gift card in your possession, please contact us.

Canceled Orders & Gift Cards

In the event of a cancellation of an order that was placed with a gift card, the amount of purchase will be credited back to your gift card usually within 24-48 hours. In the event of you no longer having the gift card in your possession, please contact us directly with your query and we will be more than happy to explain further and to answer any questions that you may have.

Check Card Balance

If you desire to know the balance of your gift card you can do so online by entering the details of your gift card on our website. In order to find out your gift card balance, go to “My Account” and then click on "Get Card Balance" to be prompted for gift card number and the PIN that is located on the reverse of the gift card or in the email through which you received your electronic gift Card.

Corporate Gifting and Rewards

Companies can avail our Corporate Gift Card Program to purchase gift cards or promotion or incentive codes for business purposes. To learn more and place your order, click here.

Gift Card Terms & Conditions

BrushWiz values its customers and thus respects their privacy. Listed below are the Terms and Conditions for BrushWiz Gift Cards and Electronic Gift Cards ("Gift Cards"):

1. Redemption: BrushWiz Gift Cards have to be redeemed on towards the buying of products eligible under the same. Your purchases will be deducted from your BrushWiz Gift Card balance points. Any unused balance, if available, will be transferred to the recipient's Gift Card account at the time of redemption. In case your order value exceeds the amount of the Gift Card, the balance must be paid by using a credit card or other available mode of payment. BrushWiz may provide its buyers with the redemption status information of their Gift Cards that they buy. To know your Gift Card balance, go to “Your Account” on

2. Limitation on Use:

  • BrushWiz Gift Cards that are issued for promotional purposes may have an expiration date. See specific promotion for details and applicable terms.
  • In some cases BrushWiz Gift Cards cannot be used towards the purchase of other Gift Cards
  • BrushWiz Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, or transferred for value. Nor can you redeem them for cash or club it with other accounts. BrushWiz also prevents you from transferring unused Gift Card balances to other accounts.

3. Transferred Risk of Loss: The risk of loss and title for BrushWiz Gift Card transfers to the buyer upon our electronic transmission to them, the recipient or the delivery carrier, according to whatever is applicable. BrushWiz does not hold any liability if your Gift Card is misplaced, destroyed, stolen or used without your consent.

4. Fraudulent Charges: BrushWiz holds the right to close customer accounts and bill them through alternative, available forms of payment if they redeem fraudulently obtained Gift Cards to make purchase on

5. Invalid for Returns and Resale: BrushWiz Gift Cards are non-returnable and non-refundable for cash. Reselling of BrushWiz Gift Cards is totally restricted.

6. Not for promotional use: BrushWiz Gift Cards can be used for personal or business gifting purposes, but cannot be used for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including, but not limited to via email, direct mail, internet, magazine and/or newspaper advertisement), unless you have availed a prior written authorization from Such approvals will be endowed according to, among other things, execution of and adherence to the standard Gift Card license agreement of BrushWiz. If you intend to purchase more than 50 gift cards or want to use them for any promotional activity, kindly send an email to and our associates will get in touch with you by the following business day.

7. You cannot affiliate your business with BrushWiz: Use of the name, logo or trade dress of BrushWiz (including any picture or similar cards) or trademarks of BrushWiz or any of its affiliates/subsidiaries, in relation to the purchase of BrushWiz Gift Cards, is restricted. Also, the use of BrushWiz gift cards in any way to imply that any individual, company, website, service or product is sponsored or recommended by BrushWiz or are affiliated to BrushWiz or any of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries is also restricted

8. Compliance with laws: When you buy BrushWiz Gift Cards, you are confirming and declaring to BrushWiz that all activities in relation to which the gift cards of BrushWiz will be used, shall adhere to these Terms and Conditions along with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations, and also that our Gift Cards shall not be used in any way deceiving, fraudulent, wrongful or dangerous to customers. Additionally, you must agree to protect or indemnify and affiliates from any claims, expenses or liabilities made or incurred due to your use of BrushWiz Gift Cards or the violation of BrushWiz’s Terms and Conditions.

Know More About Your Gift Cards

BrushWiz Gift Cards can be used for buying merchandise only at site. The cards cannot be redeemed for cash and it cannot be used as a payment or credit balance of any credit card account. You can buy the BrushWiz gift cards as gifts or use them to issue credit as proof of purchase from a different mode of payment. The return amount can be applied to your BrushWiz gift card. You should protect your BrushWiz gift card as the responsibility is of the bearer in case of a theft or misplacement of the same. To replace lost or stolen cards, you must submit the proof of purchase and have to accept the value displayed in our records. Please note that your gift card number is essential for all inquiries.

Electronic Gift Cards

The BrushWiz electronic gift card allows you buy any merchandise online from by following the instructions in the electronic gift card email. You cannot add value back into your electronic gift card card, it cannot be redeemed for cash and neither can you use the card as a payment option for your credit card account. When you buy a product from using your electronic gift card number, the amount of your purchase plus any, shipping/handling charges and sales tax (if applicable), will be deducted from your “up for purchase” automatically. You can check remaining balance through the online balance inquiry option or via our customer care team.

Please protect your electronic gift card number. Remember that the bearer is held responsible for any theft or misplacement. In case your electronic gift card has been lost or stolen, and you possess the proof of purchase, we may give you a replacement card with your balance amount as per our records. Please note that your electronic gift card number is essential for all inquiries.

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