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Order Assistance

At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about order tracking, order status glossary, change your order, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Tracking Your Order

Tracking numbers are given to shipments at our warehouse without any delay and it appears in the "My Orders / Order History" area of our website with your order information. However, note that the carrier may take 48 hours or more to upload the shipment information in his tracking system. That means, even though your order has been dispatched, the carrier may not be able to give any information about your order before 48 hours or more.

Orders placed on BrushWiz will be delivered by different carriers using different shipping methods. Thus, availability of tracking details may vary, depending on the product you have bought, the shipping preference you have selected during checkout, and the carrier who is delivering your order.

Sometimes, packages are delivered through a carrier that does not offer any order tracking facility. In such rare cases, "Order Status / Tracking" on BrushWiz will not provide any tracking information whatsoever. However, it will provide order status and other details about your product. Kindly read the following information to understand the difference between tracking information and order status.

Tracking Number

Once your order is dispatched, you will get, within 24 hours, an email from us with the tracking information. You can also check the updated order status by logging in to BrushWiz. Click on Order History and select the order you want to know about. If you need more information about your order, please contact us and we will help you. Please note that, for your security and privacy, we can only send the tracking information to the email address you have provided to us during registration or checkout process.

Difference Between Order Status And Tracking Information

Your order status is provided by BrushWiz and gives you all the details about your order from the time you place the order till the time it ships from our warehouse. Once the shipment leaves our warehouse, it’s handled by a professional carrier (such as FedEx, USPS or UPS). The carrier may provide the tracking information and help you keep track of your order from the time it leaves warehouse to the time it reaches its destination. *The tracking information can be accessed from “My Orders / Order History - > Order Details” segment in our site, when it becomes available.

*Carrier provided shipment tracking information may appear after 48 hours from the time of dispatch.

Order Confirmation

Once your order is processed, you will receive an order confirmation mail. The confirmation mail will contain the expected delivery date, your shipping address, your order number and any other changes to your order. You can check the current order status as well. Go to BrushWiz, log in, click on “Order Details” and select the order for tracking information.

Finding Your Order Status

You Can Find the Order Status By:

(1) Checking your email - During registration process; you must have entered your email address. We will send an email to your email address informing you about the order status.

(2) Visiting BrushWiz - Visit our website and click on My Account section at the top of any web page. From “My Account”, you can see all the details of your recent orders (including tracking information) and you can also check the previous orders.

(3) Contacting us - If you have any question about your order, please contact us.

Status of Your Order

The order status is shown instantly as soon as you place an order and updates continuously as your shipment advances through the process. To check the status of your most recent orders, you should visit our Order Status page. All the orders will be organized in chronological order with the order numbers. It’s the quickest and simplest method to get updated information about your order(s).

Once your package is shipped, a tracking number, if provided by the carrier, will be shown under each order title. Depending on the shipment method and the carrier, you can click on the tracking number to check delivery status of your order. Note that shipping service providers may not be able to give a tracking number for up to 48 business hours.

If You Don’t Receive Order Status Emails

If you don’t get order status mail from BrushWiz, that’s because some email software treats order status mails as spam and don’t show such them in inbox. You can check your order summary online as well.

Order Status Glossary

Once you place an order, the status of your order is available instantly on the View Orders page. You order status is updated automatically as your shipment goes forward in the process. Kindly allow us a maximum of two hour to update your order information in our system. * We may ship some items of an order by different carriers or shipping methods. However, even if we ship some items separately, you will be able to view the status of each ordered items in the site.

The order status checking method is quite easy. All you need to do is visit you’re View Orders page and sign in with your BrushWiz account username and password. The view orders page will give you a detailed status of the orders that you placed in the past 12 months. Order details include order number, the exact date and time of placing the order, estimated shipping and delivery dates and tracking information. In addition to that, exact product details like unit cost, the product specifications and more makes the page all the more engaging for the users.

The following list of status messages will help you understand your exact order status:

Order Confirmed/Pending - This status message qualifies that the order has been received and the information you entered during the check-out process has been accepted and will be processed accordingly.

Item in Process - This status message indicates that we have accepted your order and it is currently in the processing stage.

Painting in Process - This status message suggests that our artist has started working on the order. It also confirms as soon as the painting gets completed, you will receive an email confirming the details and photo of the finished product.

Painting is Complete - When you order paintings that are back-ordered, out of stock, or are considered to be a custom work. In such cases, you will receive an email from once the painting is ready for you to review along with photographs of the completed painting. If you are not satisfied with some parts of the painting, you may reach us with your suggestions for improvement, and we will provide rectifications, unless and until the painting meets your approval.

Painting Modifications in Process - This message clarifies that your painting is now undergoing a modification process as per your suggestions. Once it gets completed, you will receive an email confirmation from our end with detailed explanation and images of the finished product.

Revised Painting is Complete - This message indicates that your painting revision is complete and is ready for your approval. In case, you are still not satisfied with the painting, you may approach our artists with your valued suggestions. Any changes that are implemented on the painting at your request are made at no extra cost.

Dry Time - This message indicates that your order will be prepared for shipment once the painting(s) has dried enough to be shipped. This will in fact, depend on whether your painting is based on oil, pastel, water or acrylic colors. Most paintings usually take 2-3 days to dry prior shipping. We will provide updated shipping and tracking information details, once your order is ready to be shipped.

Prepared for Shipment - This message indicates that your item is ready to be shipped. You will receive an email from our end with appropriate shipment details after product dispatch.

Shipped - This message indicates that the items you ordered have been dispatched from our warehouse and are in transit to the address that you provided during your checkout. The arrival time of the shipment depends on the shipment mode, the items, and the shipping location selected. To know more, you may track your shipment details from online “Order Status”.

Electronic Gift Card on Schedule - will send your Electronic Gift Card to the recipient name at the date and email you entered while ordering.

Delivered - This message suggests that your order has been delivered to the recipient as per your instructions.

Return in Process - In case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may claim a refund or replacement by returning the item to our store. After submitting your return request, you will receive an email from our part confirming your request return details and RMA number. This “Return in Process” suggests that your return request is granted by BrushWiz, although the item(s) have not been received yet.

Item Inspection - This message suggests that we have received the item(s) that you have sent to our Return Centre to claim your refund. Once your return request is received and inspected by our officers at the fulfillment center, which usually takes 72 hours from receipt, your refund/replacement will be processed. The refund amount will be automatically credited to your credit card (or the payment mode you have selected) within 30 days of your refund application.

Return Accepted - After the processing of your returned item and the confirmation of your original order, you may expect a refund or a replacement of the item within the next 30 days in the same form of payment that you used at the time of purchase.

Refund Issued - This message indicates that the item you returned for refund has been processed on the date given and credit has been issued in the original mode of payment.

Important Order Notice - You may receive an e-mail from BrushWiz indicating some specific difficulties while processing your order, such as, inability to ship at your address, duplicate order processing, unexpected processing delays and more. Every-time you receive a notice like this, contact our customer care representatives immediately as this will allow us address your problem as soon as possible.

Orders Temporarily Suspended - This status message suggests that your order has been suspended due to some missing, invalid order or payment information. But receiving this status message does not mean that your order has been cancelled. Kindly Contact Us immediately for further assistance, once you receive such type of messages.

Order Cancelled - This message indicates that your order is cancelled and cannot be processed any further. The refund amount will be automatically credited to your credit card (or the payment mode you have selected) within 30 days.

We are unable to cancel your order - This message suggests that the time period within which the order should be cancelled have expired. This will prevent order cancellation and thus the order will continue to process normally.

Cancelled due to missing or invalid order information - During the order authorization process, if we encounter some errors, your order may get cancelled. For instance, if we try to contact you for order verification and could not get in touch with you, we will cancel the order. Kindly note, that once your order is cancelled, it should be placed afresh in website to continue with the order.

Temporarily Suspended - This message suggests that the order is not cancelled but suspended requiring confirmation from your part. On receiving such a message, contact the customer care executives for further assistance.

E-mails About Your Order

Once you place an order, you will receive emails about the status of your order. Some of the examples of e-mails you may receive are discussed below.

Registration Confirmation - This means that your account has been successfully registered with and is now active and ready for you to log-in. All the information, including the email ID and password submitted by you is in this email. We suggest you preserve this email for future reference.

Password Reminder - When you cannot remember the password you use for logging in to your account and request for password assistance, you receive this email. The email will contain your old password, which you will be able to change later.

Order Confirmation - This e-mail confirms that we have received your order and provides you all the order details. We request you to keep this e-mail at your inbox as a record for further enquiry.

Painting is Complete - This message means that our artists have completed your painting, which is now awaiting your inspection and comments. The email will contain a link to photographs of the finished composition. When you approve it, your painting will be readied for shipping once it dries properly.

Modifications are Done - This message means that from our end, your painting's modifications are complete according to your instructions, and it is now all set to be viewed and commented on by you. The email will contain a link to photographs of the finished painting, which, after your approval and drying properly, will be readied for shipping.

Shipment Confirmation - This email confirms that your order has been shipped. However, if your order has been shipped in parts, you will receive an email confirming the shipment of each item. The arrival time will depend on the method of shipment and destination address selected for each item.

Electronic Gift Card Sent Successfully - This email clarifies that the Electronic Gift Card that you have ordered has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Important Notice About Your Order - Although there are very few instances when you receive this email, it is considerably significant. Such a mail is sent when we encounter difficulties in processing your order, fail to ship your item(s) to the address provided, or seek to cancel your order. In case, you receive an email like this, kindly contact us immediately for further assistance.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) - Such an email confirms that you have opened a return case and a RMA number has been created for you accordingly. Here, you should keep in mind that the RMA number will expire within 30 days from the date of delivery, and so we would recommend you to send the product back to our store as soon as possible. Returns will not be accepted if you give a fake or inappropriate RMA.

Return Accepted - It confirms that the item(s) you have sent back to our store has been received and inspected by our Fulfillment Center executives. This will also mean that your refund request was accepted and the amount will be credited to your credit card or other mode of payment within 30 days. * In case you have opt for a replacement product you will receive an email confirmation when your replacement is complete and ready for dispatch.

Order Cancellation - This email indicates that your order has been cancelled at your request. We recommend you to keep this email for your records. Accordingly, your refund request will be processed and you may expect your credit card or original method of payment to get credited within 30 days.

Changing or Canceling Your Order

Our system can cancel an order or certain aspects of an order for different reasons. These can include:

  • Unavailability of products.
  • Problems in interpreting your payment information.
  • Existence of a similar order.
  • Difficulty in delivering items to the stated address.

In case we cancel your order, we will send you an email stating the reasons behind cancellation. Consider the fact that we will not request any payment for canceled products. After an order gets canceled, it cannot be reprocessed and must be submitted again for availing the product. If you want to buy any product that is similar to those unavailable / discontinued, get in touch with customer care for suggestions.

Cancel My Order

You may opt to cancel your order, provided the product/products ordered are yet to be processed or shipped. We will not charge you taxes, shipping fees, or custom tariffs for the cancelled order.

If you are aware of your order number, you can cancel your order easily by contacting our customer support team. If you do not know your order number, consider the following steps:

  • 1. Login to your BrushWiz account.
  • 2. Click on "My Account".
  • 3. Click on “Order History” option, located on left section of the page.
  • 4. The order number will appear under the "Order Details" column.

If your order still possesses a “Pending” status and is yet to enter our production stream (usually 2-4 hours after order is received), our customer support team will be able to assist you. If your order has reached the "Processed" state, we will not be able to entertain your request and thus the order will continue to process normally. However, consider the fact that we follow a refund/return policy for unwanted orders. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team for more information regarding our Return Policy.

Changing Product On An Open BrushWiz Order

After an order has been finalized via the checkout process, design specifications of the products cannot be changed. However, if any order still possesses a “Pending” status and is yet to enter our production stream (usually 2-4 hours after order is received), you can cancel the order by getting in touch with our customer support team. Remember that you cannot modify your order, once it has entered the "Processed" state.

Changing the Shipping Method On An Open BrushWiz Order

After an order has been verified via the checkout process, you cannot alter the shipping method. However, if the order still possesses a “Pending” status and is yet to enter the production stream (usually 2-4 hours after order is received), you can cancel the order by getting in touch with our customer support team. This will allow you to create a new order and choose an alternative shipping method before submitting the corrected order. Remember, this step cannot be implemented if the order has already entered the "Processed" state.

Requesting An Address Correction

We possess the partial ability to alter a shipping destination, provided the order is yet to be delivered for shipment. Please get in touch with our customer support team and mention your shipping address modifications and order number. Support representatives from BrushWiz will try their best to correct the address before the order is prepared for shipment.

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