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At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about how to add items to cart, checkout steps, order status, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Add Items to Cart

Adding items to your cart is easy!

1. Find the Items You Want

First, search or browse the products that you would like to purchase. You can opt for the keyword search boxes that are placed on all pages of the website. You can also check links to browse product lists and more specific searches in the upper navigation bar of every page. After you find an item that you like, click on the name or title of the product to acquire detailed information about it. You would also get an availability estimate that highlights how much time the product will require to leave our fulfillment center.

2. Add the Items to Your Shopping Cart

If you want to buy any item from BrushWiz, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button located on the product detail page. After you have placed a product in the cart, keep exploring until you find all the necessary items. You can check your shopping cart at any time you prefer by clicking on the shopping cart icon placed on upper section of every page.

Your Cart

Cart refers to a page that is somewhat similar to a shopping basket you use in stores and shopping malls and displays items that you have selected (for current or future purchase). You can check the cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon located in the top right hand section of most pages on our website. Product(s) placed in your shopping cart will stay there, until someone buys or removes them.

Placing an Item in Your Cart

When you observe a product you want to buy, click on the "Add to Cart" option, located on the product page. This will put the product in the cart and redirect you to the Shopping Cart page, where you can check the items that you have selected. If you want, you can also delete items. From your shopping cart, you can continue your shopping or check out.

Check Cart Contents

The first step prior to checkout is to check the order you placed at the Shopping Cart page. You can delete items from your shopping cart by clicking on "Remove." Once you are happy with your order, click on "Proceed to Checkout” and you will be one step closer to buying your favorite item.

Calculation of the subtotal

The subtotal does not include delivery charges and taxes and only highlights the product prices. Taxes and shipping charges will be calculated during Checkout.

Checkout Steps

Before opting for checkout, make sure that you have placed the correct item in your cart. Once you are ready to place an order, click on the "Proceed to checkout" button. You will be redirected to the first page of the order form. The instructions stated below describe every step of the online order form.

1. Sign In

Before ordering, you need to register with If this is the first time you are buying something from us, you will be requested to create an account. To create an account, simply state your name, pen name, email address and choose a password. For password, opt for something that you can remember easily. Consider these steps for creating your password:

  • Passwords should be of 6 characters minimum.
  • It is better to avoid passwords that can be guessed easily. Examples can include “password” or “123456”. We suggest that you do not use name/contact/personal information as your password.
  • Although it is not compulsory, incorporating special characters or numbers in your password will make it stronger. For example, 'f10wEr' is much stronger than 'flower'.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.

2. Enter a Shipping Address and Billing Address

For the shipping address, inform us where you would prefer to receive your order. The billing address, is where you receive your credit card statements. For acquiring approval of your order, the billing address needs to match the address on your card. During checkout, you can add, delete or edit an address. You can also implement these modifications in our site's "My Account" section.

3. Choose a Shipping Method

Opt for a shipping method depending on your preferred duration of receiving the order. If you want to enjoy benefits of FREE SHIPPING and your shipping order qualifies, choose it as your shipping option. Remember that you will not enjoy the benefit of this option if you do not select it. Consider the fact that it is impossible to request a particular carrier.

We will calculate the shipping dates for you, before you submit the order. You will observe the approximate shipment and delivery dates in the confirmation mail. Additionally, understand the fact that availability listings stated in our website are meant for single-copy orders. Orders for various copies of a particular product can take more time for assembling. The shipping charge will be highlighted in the order summary page, prior to submission of your order.

4. Provide Payment Information

We accept payments through most major credit and debit cards, including third-party payment options like PayPal and Google Checkout. For additional information, click here.

5. Review and Submit Your Order

Check carefully the information you have offered and implement the required changes. Once you have verified the information, click the "Place Your Order" button for submitting your order. Now, move on to complete your purchase by clicking "Submit Order".

6. Receipt

Check and acquire a print-out of your receipt. Once the checkout is done, you can check the order number on the Receipt page. Here, you can print the receipt by clicking on "View & Print Receipt". You would also get an email confirmation of the receipt. Save this email carefully so that you can refer to it in case you have any question.

Order Status

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us. The status of your order is available instantly on the View Orders page. You order status is updated automatically as your shipment goes forward in the process. Kindly allow us a maximum of two hour to update your order information in our system. A shipment confirmation email will be sent to you when your order (or a part of it) is shipped.

* We may ship some items of an order by different carriers or shipping methods. However, even if we ship some items separately, you will be able to view the status of each ordered items in the site.

Order by Phone

An online store specializing in custom products, BrushWiz is currently not accepting any orders by phone. To preserve the integrity of your design, we request you to use our online order method so that you can thoroughly check and approve every item you want to buy before submitting your order. This could seem like a trouble for those who generally place orders through phone but we have taken this approach so that every customer can get exactly what they had approved during their checkout process.

If you require any help regarding placing the order, get in touch with our support team. If you are worried about the protection of your personal information while buying from, refer to our Safe Shopping Guarantee for additional information.

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