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Photo to Painting

At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about photo to painting, the painting process, our guarantee, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
About specializes in converting a digital image or photograph into a handmade masterpiece. Our artists can turn any image-ranging from your portrait, family pictures, your first car to your vacation pictures, to a spectacular artwork. Since our artists start working from scratch on a blank canvas, their creative efforts are limitless. With the help of our artists, your favorite photo can turn into a unique masterpiece, worthy of being regarded as a heirloom, yet at an incredibly low price.

Besides creating paintings at any stated size, we can modify any old master painting according to your preferences. In fact, we can incorporate your face within any well-known painting or even paint you in a preferred style. We can also incorporate your car, wedding party, house or family into any famous painting. We can also, for example, paint your wife or daughter as an 18th century English queen in the style of a famous artist of the century. The possibilities are endless, so be as creative as you want!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Customer satisfaction is important to us. We always send you an email containing a photo proof of the final artwork so you can check and approve it. If you wish to change any aspect of the picture, simply inform us. Our artists will implement the changes accordingly, without charging you anything extra. We guarantee 100% satisfaction of our clients.

How it works

This section of the website will help you in ordering spectacular art works, based on your selected photos, completely hand-painted on paper or canvas by one of our talented master artists.

1. Select Painting Type

Before the order is placed, the correct type of painting must be determined according to the subject matter / figures depicted on the photo that you wish to commission. The eight different types of painting listed cover all the alternatives and selections that normally customers would want to order.

2. Select Medium, Size and Number of Figures

In this step you need to choose your preferred medium, painting size and decide about the number of subjects your artwork should contain.

Medium - The finest medium is most definitely or purely a matter of individual preferences. You are advised to browse through the galleries of watercolor, pencil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel and oil paintings, to be able to select the most impressive one. You also, need to know how the mediums differ from each other. However, oil is regarded as the medium in major demand as compared to other existing mediums.

Size - Each painting is custom made. Therefore, whatever size you may need, we are ready to meet your requirements. You can always commission a painting as small in size as 15" x 15" to a large mural that will nestle an entire wall of your office. We are ready to accept any painting size.

We suggest that the size selected by you, match almost accurately, the original painting (in terms of height / width ratio). However, we can crop or do detail (paintings of a part of an original, such as the hands touching from Michelangelo's Creation of Adam) as well. Our artists are exceptionally flexible and ready to work according to your requirements.

While displayed as 36"x24," it actually includes both 36"x24” and 24"x36." The painting articulation of your work, whether horizontal or vertical, will be decided according to your marked preference and on the picture you will provide us with. The size options displayed on the website shown as horizontal but it also implies that they could also be vertical.

Please Note: We showcase standard size paintings in our site, but you can order any size you want. In case you want our artists to create a painting in a size not mentioned above or containing 7 or more subjects, please click here. Simply let us know about the size of the painting you would prefer and it will be created accordingly by our artists who are capable of producing a panting of ANY size.

Number of Figures - You must specify the number of figures that are showing on the photo. We will consider every person or pet in the photo as a single subject. The same rule applies for vehicles and reproductions. In case you feel confused about this, get in touch with our Customer Service Team at any time with questions or comments.

3. Upload Image(s)

The easiest way to upload your photo(s) is by using our simple online uploader. Your picture could be in .jpeg, .bmp, or .gif formats. We would also advise you to send us detailed photographs. They should be of high resolution and larger than 100 KB. Remember that quality of the photo you will be sending us will help our artists to create a highly acclaimed painting and not simply a good one. Consider the fact that a high-resolution photo will allow our artist to detect the minutest detail and include them, while working on the actual painting.

Some of our customers send additional photos to help us understand all the details that need to be incorporated in the painting and may be missing in the main photograph. Multiple images of the same subject help our artists in their work and they try to make the oil painting as perfect as possible.

Our artists possess the special skill of combining two or more photograph and creating a unique masterpiece. If you would like us to combine several photographs, do not forget to provide us detailed information about elements of the respective photograph that you would like us to include in the final artwork. You can always use subjects from a number of photographs and integrate them into one single painting. All you need to do is to give detailed and clear-cut instructions while you place your order. You would get an opportunity to upload as many as five photographs in a single painting order. You are supposed to furnish details in the remarks box, stating exactly how you wish to incorporate subjects from the photos (maximum 5) into one single painting. No extra charges are demanded for this particular service.

Please Note: You must be the exclusive owner of the photograph or possess permission of the original owner to develop a painting from the picture that you have sent. Please refer to our Terms of Use agreement to acquire more information on this issue.

4. Add a Frame

Whether you want a framed or unframed painting, the choice is yours. If you order an unframed painting, we will roll the canvas/paper, put it inside a tube and ship it to your address. However, by ordering a framed painting, you can save up to 50%, compared to framing charges in local stores. If you order both, painting and framing, we will frame it and add all the required hardware to the frame so that you can hang the painting on your wall immediately after delivery

5. Add Your Painting Order To Your Shopping Cart

Ordering your painting is easy. You only need to click on the “ADD TO CART” button. Implement the checkout process for completing the purchase. Please give us 2-3 weeks for delivering the final creation to you.

Painting Process

We assure you that each creative piece we produce is completely hand-pained by highly skilled artists. These artworks are NEVER produced mechanically, are NEVER photo replications, and are NEVER computer generated and made to appear as textured. You can completely rely on us that NO imaging method, whether print or digital, has ever been used to produce artifacts to satisfy you.

Years of rigorous training at leading art academies have nourished our artists to use their specialized skills in artworks, be it oil, acrylic or watercolor. It is their mastery that ensures capturing the minutest detail in your artwork through delicate brushstroke possible. We assure you that the finished work you receive is an exquisite work of art that will be treasured by your family and friends. To know more about the painting process, please click HERE.

Our Guarantee offers best quality products and is committed to excellence in delivering personalized, quality art to all our clients. We inform you once the painting is done so that you could satisfy yourself regarding the quality. Generally our paintings pass the quality control and are accepted post the first preview, but in case of any problems we are ever willing to carry out relevant and desired modifications till you are fully sure and satisfied with the output. Once you approve of the painting only then it is sent to you.

Additional Information

Please read below for more information related to Photo to Painting.

Preview The Finish Work

You have the opportunity to preview the painting online before accepting it. We would inform you once the painting is done so that you could satisfy yourself regarding the quality. Generally our paintings pass the quality control and are accepted post the first preview, but in case you require few alterations we attend to your feedback and act on it right away. Once we get your feedback all alterations are done free of cost without you having to pay any extra charges. Once you approve of the painting only then it is sent to you.

Painting Delivery Time

As most of our paintings are customized, we take approximately 14-21 days to paint and dispatch your order from the day you place the order. Painting completion time depends on how intricate your painting is requited to be. We will notify you beforehand about the completion of your painting and give you an intimation as to when your order will be shipped and delivered.

Sending a Photo Before Ordering

Before you place a final order you have an option of sending a photograph for quality assessment and for getting a quote. The photographs could be sent to us as attachments at and you would soon be suitably informed after we evaluate the quality of the photograph. You are at liberty to place your order too. If our experts think that quality of the photos isn’t good enough, you will be asked to deliver something better. In case you can’t provide us with better quality picture, your money will be refunded.

Photos That Be Turned Into Masterpieces

Any pictures can be converted into a painting provided all the details of the picture can be viewed clearly by the concerned artist. However, for better reproduction we suggest the following few points:

(*) Select such photos that will actually flatter the photographed person. Never pick a photo that shows certain flaws like the smile seems fake and artificial or may be the nose looks too big and distorted. Never rely on the artists thinking that they could make the subject look better than what he looks in the picture.

(*) It is important that you try sending photos with high resolution. Photos lesser than 100KB size are of lower resolution and they don't show the details clearly, and this may create problems for our artists when it comes to creating a good artwork.

(*) You should always consider whether the background of the photograph is appropriate before choosing it for creating a painting. Suppose you have selected a wonderful photo of your child, but the background has too many elements that would distract the viewer’s attention then it is better to ask for a single color background. Give your specifications in the given comment box for the artists to deliver as per your desire.

Learn how to take the perfect photo - click here.

In Case of Blurry Photos

If the quality of your photo is not too good we can solve your problem by incorporating a few details from a number of different photos. Such aspects may vary from detailing a family member, a hairstyle or a line or two on a sweatshirt. If you provide sufficient and sharp details, our artists can reproduce them in a way that is of superior standard than the original.

Choosing a Background for Your Painting

You could opt for a background for your painting without having to worry about any additional charges on account of this. You just need to point out specifically and precisely what you desire, in the comments box and remember to upload the chosen picture to be used as a background in your painting.

Restoring Old Photos or Colorizing Black & White Photos

We undertake restoration of old photographs and we are equipped with expertise to convert black and white photos into colorful ones. When you wish to convert black and white pictures into color you must provide specifications and details of your request in the comments box. All minute details should be included in your request so that the photos could be colorized as per your desire and requirements. Precise details like desired color of the hair or the color of the eyes should be provided, for perfect results.

Reproduction of One Painting from Different Photos

Our highly talented and creative artists are adept at combining, editing and completely transforming pictures and reproducing unique specimens. We can change the background, insert or delete images of objects or people and give a fresh new look to the entire painting. A portrait could be made more attractive by adding a dramatic background to it, a family get-together could be recreated or your family could be on famous art pieces. You just need to point out specifically and precisely what you desire, in the comments box and remember to upload the different photos.

Placing Special Requests to Artists

You can always put in your special request and specify your requirements in the comments box. We can dramatically transform your original pictures as if by magic. We can definitely combine two or more images from different photos, a brand new background can be incorporated into the painting, we can add or delete objects and figures, add color to black and white photos and also, recreate a fresh painting from an old and damaged photograph.

Photo to Painting Cost

Though all our paintings are handmade and painted by reputed artists, we still sell them at extremely competitive prices. Our rates are absolutely affordable as our objective is to maximum number of people to enjoy the commission. Should you ever discover any advertised price by any competitor that is lower than ours on the date of your purchase, or within a week of that date, you can just send us the details. If your claim falls within the ambit of our Best Price Guarantee Terms, we will promptly refund you the price difference without any fuss.

If you are interested to see our rates simply check the Photo to Painting section by clicking HERE.

Copyright Notice To Customers

BrushWiz respects the intellectual property of authors and makers of pictorial images and request that its customers also do the same. Submission of an image to for processing or converting into a painting is an acknowledgement of the fact that the Copyright Notice to Customers and the accompanying terms and conditions have been read and accepted by me/us. I/We further agree that these shall be binding on us for the services requested by me/us from BrushWiz.

Almost all visual images, including commonplace family snapshots and works of art have a copyright vested in them. Usually such a copyright rests with the person who has taken the picture or created the artwork. It is possible that a number of copyrights may exist within a single photograph; for example the photograph and the subject contained within the photograph may be covered by different copyrights. When an image is created, the copyright automatically comes into force, irrespective of whether it has been registered or not. A copyright empowers its owner to have the exclusive authority to reproduce it, freely display it and distribute copies, and formulate other works based on the original composition. It is usually unlawful to make reproductions, print, or reproduce by any means whatsoever, photographs taken by other persons without their consent. The validity of a copyright extends far beyond the life of its owner and passes on to his or her estate, successors, or assigns. BrushWiz and its clients are both subject to copyright laws and civil and criminal punishments for violations.

A significant amount of time and artistic energy are invested by photographers and artists, who price their services on the basis of prospects of being able to sell their prints to customers. In the case of the photos being made available from alternative sources, this potential to earn is lost. The creators of the works of art or photographers, being anxious to preserve the creative integrity of their works, usually desire to regulate the appearance of the reproductions. There could also be other motives that need elucidation. Potential customers who desire to use some aspect of the creative work are encouraged to confer with the copyright holder regarding any issues that impact on their ability to do so. By doing this, the position of the artist can then become clear and consent obtained or bought for ordering the additional copies desired.

All images, whether downloaded from websites, scanned or copied by any other means from any printed sources may be assumed to have copyright protection. While there is a lot of conjecture regarding the original source of Internet images since the website on which the image is hosted is rarely the creator or copyright holder, potential copyright issues arising from intended usage of printed images can often be resolved by seeking consent from the relevant publications. In the event of our being unable to reproduce copies or provide the requested digital service, it is advisable that you approach the source and ask them. Usually, professional photographers will try to accommodate you or grant permission to you for making copies in case they themselves are no in a position to make copies for you.

Irrespective of the motivation of a copyright holder for safeguarding his or her intellectual property rights, it must be appreciated that the law affords protection to the copyright. If you harbour any misgivings you should obtain the relevant permission or suspend image submission to us till you get the permission by saving your instruction. It is advisable that a lawyer be consulted in case of any doubts on legalities that cannot be determined by BrushWiz.


I (the customer) confirm that that I have perused the Copyright Notice to Customers that appears on the BrushWiz web site ( and am conversant with the laws prevailing copying of copyrighted materials. I confirm that I am the creator of the contents of any visual image that I submit to you (BrushWiz Ltd.) for processing or painting and possess its sole copyright. I empower you to execute the services wished, including the amendment, reproduction or the preparation and publication of works derived from the image. In the event of I not being the owner of the copyright, I have studied the prior written consent of the original copyright owner to furnish the images to you and for you to carry out the services requested by me, including the making and publication of imitative works. Upon request, I agree to provide such written permission to you.

I agree to protect and indemnify you, including your officers, employees, directors, associates, affiliates, licensors, information providers, web host and agents, and hold them innocent from any and all obligation, expenses, compensations and costs, including your reasonable attorney fees and the expenses of conforming with any injunction or directive, arising of the contract, including violation of statue, breach of contract, negligence, common law tort, or otherwise, without limitation.

BrushWiz has the right to discard or deny any request for painting of images that are not compliant with copyright laws or terms and conditions specified in this agreement.

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