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At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about painting reproductions, original art, custom framing, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Painting reproduction is handmade regeneration of original paintings. Reproduction gives you the unique opportunity to own some of the world’s greatest paintings without spending millions of dollars or buy cheap prints. Our reproduction artists are not only skilled, but also remarkably dexterous and sincere, and create for you paintings that do justice to the masters' originals. Our bank of world-class painters reproduces each painting by hand, employing only the finest paints and materials to recreate beauty and quality similar to the original painters of centuries gone by.

Our experts can recreate the masterpiece of your choice within 2-3 weeks. Additionally, their dedication, proper utilization of time and talent for accurate detailing will make your order one-of-a-kind. Whether you put a Van Gogh painting on your living room wall or a Monet in your office’s reception area, these hand made masterpieces will not only grab people’s attention, but they will also add value to your home or office.

Benefits of a Reproduction

Reproductions give common man an opportunity to see and possess some of the costliest and secure masterpieces. Whether you buy a Monet for your living room to make your children aware of art, or post a Van Gogh painting reproduction on the office wall, these hand drawn masterpieces will not only attract everyone and will also add class to your walls and rooms.

Difference Between Reproductions and Originals

Our reproductions are hand painted and there will be minor variations between the original paintings and our reproductions. We study the original paintings very carefully before starting the reproduction and use similar brushstrokes and techniques of the original painter in our replicas.

We Sell Paintings, Not Prints

Contrary to our competitors, we do not paint using tricks of printing or computer. All our artworks are 100% handcrafted, always on a blank canvas. Our expert artists paint in the same manner of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet and other masters of history. They begin with a sketch, add the details, fill the colors in and then add highlights along with textures. As a result, you get a brilliant piece of art. To know more about the painting process, please click HERE.

Difference Between Our Paintings and Traditional Prints

The prints that you see in websites and local stores are basically printed images of original paintings. On the other hand, our paintings are handmade reproductions. The paintings we sell are created by talented artists who reproduce masterpieces made by some of the most famous artists. We give you an opportunity to own handmade masterpieces at astonishingly affordable rates.

Web Page Images and Replica Paintings Similarity

Most of the images that you see on our web page are of paintings that we possess, based on photos provided by our clients or on royalty free images that are licensed for commercial use. However, you must understand that different computer screens reflect different color hue and resolution. The paintings on BrushWiz are custom made and hence, there is always a possibility of slight disparity.

Artist’s Signature

Our artists copy the original painter’s signature to give your replica painting an authentic look. However, if you want the assigned painter’s signature on your painting, just inform us and the painter will happily fulfill your wish.

Painting Sizes You Can Order

Since we commission most of our artworks according to your unique preferences, many of the paintings sold by us are custom made. Therefore, whatever size you may need, we are ready to meet your requirements. We showcase standard size paintings in our site, but you can order any size using our Custom Size generator tool.

We Offer Paintings Outside Our Stock As Well

If you want a customized painting and don’t find it in our gallery, just send us a photograph of the painting you want and we will replicate it flawlessly. Please visit our Photo to Painting section for more information and check some examples given there.

Painting Preview

You have the opportunity to preview the painting online before accepting it. We would inform you once the painting is done so that you could satisfy yourself regarding the quality. Generally our paintings pass the quality control and are accepted post the first preview, but in case you require few alterations we attend to your feedback and act on it right away. We do the necessary modifications and send it to you again for your approval. Once you approve of the painting only then it is sent to you.

Painting Delivery Time

As most of our reproduction paintings are made to order, we aim to paint and dispatch your order between 14-21 days from the day you place the order. Painting completion time depends on how intricate your painting is requited to be. We will notify you beforehand about the completion of your painting and give you an intimation as to when your order will be shipped and delivered. You can find the processing time of each product from our site’s product pages.

My Order Was Shipped To Me Before I Approved My Painting(s)

You will receive an email confirmation just as soon as your order is complete along with a link to preview the finished work from your personal area. If the order status remains the same our system will generate and send you up to three email reminders. After 2 weeks without any response, your item(s) will be shipped to you.

Affordable Prices

To our customers, we offer the most affordable rates. If you can locate another artist/gallery who can create paintings of the same quality at a lower rate, will outdo that rate. To find more about our Low Price Promise click here.

We Deliver Framed Paintings

We have a variety of quality frames in our site. Simply go to any product page of BrushWiz and select a suitable frame for your painting. We have a dynamic interface for framing where you can preview your artwork in various styles of frames. Your painting will be delivered framed so that you can instantly hang it wherever you like.

Whether you want a framed or unframed painting, the choice is yours. If you order an unframed painting, we will roll the canvas, put it inside a tube and ship it to your address. However, by ordering a framed painting, you can save up to 50%, compared to framing charges in local stores. If you order both, painting and framing, we will frame it and add all the required hardware to the frame so that you can hang the painting on your wall immediately after delivery. To learn more about our frames and options available please click here.

Reproduction Copyright

Each and every painting in our site is either in the public domain or being sold under license from the estate of the artist. If you notice any painting in our gallery, which you think is unlicensed, please contact us as soon as possible.

Original Art

Only offers 100% original painting productions. A painting for your house, or office, we provide the best original designs to complement your taste. Choose from our wide and robust selection of artworks. Our artists create paintings in all mediums - from oil to watercolor - to provide art lovers a beatific selection of large-scale, as well as small-scale paintings. Our collection of original paintings is our exclusive line of services (not available elsewhere on the web) for art lovers with a taste for the old and new forms and genres of art. Our group of in-house artists paint at will, creating spontaneous paintings from both imagination and live subjects.


We offer more than 150 frames from the best frame makers from across the world. No matter which grade of frame you choose, they are made of the highest quality products. Wide ranges of choices are available for you to choose from according to your taste and budget. We categorize frames according to their color and style to help you select the best one that suits your sense of aesthetics. We also provide extensive images of the frame collection only to assure you that when your order arrives, it has exactly everything the way you wanted.

By dint of our extremely large collection of high-quality picture frames, we have achieved the status of being the top supplier to numerous international markets. Globally, customers associate our company’s name as being representative of the best quality picture frames. Our expert team of framing stuffs assemble, pack and ship the framed artworks and they arrive at your doorsteps ‘ready to hang’ along with pre-attached hanging wire and mounting hooks. At BrushWiz we have the wholesale purchasing power, which allows us to provide our customers with frame price that is 40-50% lower than any other retail frame outlet.

Frame Adding Process

Custom framing is a user friendly task at Our innovative framing interface gives you the freedom to preview your painting in different types of frames and mats in our site, and swiftly generate and order attractively-crafted works of art customized to the exact dimensions required. We have hundreds of frames and mats, so feel free try out countless combinations of single mats, double mats, triple mats and frames. You can also change the wall colors to see which frame will look perfect at your home or office. You are sure to find a frame that suits your taste and will complement the beauty of your painting.

Restrictions and System Notifications for Framing

We take care of our customers and help them buy an elegant and long lasting framed art from our site. That is why; our framing engine may show you some messages during shopping. For instance, shipping rules and regulations restricts the size of the frame. Some pop up message may also inform you to change the frame size, because small frames are not appropriate for large artwork preservation. If you choose a wrong frame for your painting, then weight of the painting and stress of hanging can break corners of your valuable frame. The maximum size of a painting, to be framed, is 42 inches. Therefore, a system message may appear, if you select a very large painting for framing purpose.

Materials of Frames

Our range of frames includes a large selection crafted from wood, metal and polystyrene. Every piece is meticulously made by hand from the best of raw materials and with great attention to features, design and attractiveness. Do note that all frames can be ordered as per the size you want. This flexibility makes us exceptional in the world of picture framing.

Quality Assured

We provide important information and multiple photographs of each frame in our site. You can check the measurements, material, color and style of the frames in detail. Therefore, you can be rest assured that the delivered product will match with the description in the site. * However, the color of frames may vary in different computer monitors. If you have any doubts about color, texture or anything else, please feel free to contact our customer care department. Please remember that the images of certain frames may differ from the original product in color and grain.

Back of the Frame

We use 3mm or 5mm acid-free foam board at the back of the frames. The foam boards are completely harmless and don’t damage your costly paintings in any way. In fact, this item helps in to keep dust from entering the frame and therefore contributes in better and longer preservation of the painting.

Take Care of Your Framed Artwork

Hang your painting in such a place where heat, moisture and light can’t damage it. Make sure that your painting does not get direct sunlight. Don’t hang the painting over a heat source or inside a steamy bathroom. Humidity and heat can cause severe damage to your costly painting. You should clean the surface of your painting regularly using a proper cleaner. The recommended way to use a cleaner is to spray it on a soft cloth and apply gently afterwards; else the frame, mat and the entire artwork can be damaged.

We Provide All the Accessories for Hanging

We will deliver the framed painting with a gauge wire so that you can hang it on the wall immediately. Try using two hangers to hang a picture. A couple of hangers help you position the painting properly on wall and keep your valuable artwork safe.

Stretched Canvas

The depth of a stretched canvas with proper texture helps to bring your artwork to life. BrushWiz provides two types of wrap styles, two types of border styles and various sizes. We will prepare your stretched canvas perfectly so that you can hang it on your wall immediately. By putting a beautiful canvas on your wall, you can easily surprise your family members and friends. Please note that mounting services are provided for only oil and acrylic paintings.

Gallery Wrap

Gallery wrap is a modernized way to showcase art on classy canvas. In this type of wrap, the canvas is folded over the rim area of a wooden stretcher frame. The canvas is attached to the back of the frame and the painting stretches perfectly covering the sides. When you hang the painting on your wall, it offers an uninterrupted view of the image, without any white margin or side clips.

Museum Wrap

Museum wrap is the usual way to display art on canvas. Only the borderline area of a painting fold over the rim area and the sides are left white. This gives the attached painting a “neat” look that allows it to be displayed within or without a traditional frame.

Mat Boards

The basic function of a color mount is to help position the picture and preserve this once the picture has been mounted in the frame. Keeping the huge diversity in works of art, we too offer an equally diverse range of color mounts in all possible styles and colors. These are manufactured to exacting precision with computerized cutters that provide the crisp and properly-angled beveled edges that direct your vision into the artwork. You will find on our website all the mounts you could ever need; single or multiple layer, groove-cut and bevel that are luxuriously deep. The mount boards that we offer are also of exceptional quality that helps conserve your picture and conforms to the best standards applicable.


A matboard or a mat is a colored cardboard that encircles the image inside a picture frame. The term ‘Mat’ is a term that is typically American and it is used for describing the material, which also is referred as a "mountboard" in England and "passepartout" in Europe. “Matting” is a technical term, which means framing of mats together and it is often interchanged with mat.

Advantages of Mats

People think that mats only enhance the aesthetic beauty of a painting, but in reality it serves a far important purpose. Mats create space between the painting and the acrylic sheet or glazing and improve air circulation. This way, mats protect the painting from damages. Besides this, mats give your painting a “prestigious” look and make people believe that though it’s a reproduction, the painting is certainly worth the money. Matting captures viewers’ attention, provides a unbiased setting and allows people appreciate the painting.

Our Mats

Mat boards are reflective of function and style, and our mats are made from the highest quality materials and available to you in a wide spectrum of colors as well as at the most competitive prices. We stock an extremely large selection of boards that help safeguard and properly place your paintings. Each board can be dimensioned to the exact size of your art.

You Can Add a Second or Third Mat

If you need, you can add two or three mats to your painting. The second mat is called middle and the third mat is called bottom. Remember that the third mat will be closest to your painting.

Deciding Mat Border Size

While you don’t want to use mathematic equation, a good rule of thumb is to provide sufficient amount of border, which actually helps in smooth transition from the art piece to the frame without losing the painting among matting. For a small painting (such as an 15" x 20" image), you can use 2 1/2" wide mat and for a large painting (such as a 24" x 36" image), you should ideally use 5" wide mat. People, who prefer to center an artwork optimally, often make the bottom border a bit large.

Glass / Glazing

Glass is used to protect and preserve works of art, and preferably should not come to notice at all. Various types of glass are available for customized frames created with our online framing wizard. The range extends from the relatively-inexpensive standard clear glass that is ideal for those with low budget to superior non-reflective glass and even professional museum glass for your precious assets.

It is as vital to select the correct type of glass for your artwork as choosing the frame and the mats. Recognizing that you and your work of art deserve the finest glazing material obtainable in the industry, BrushWiz is committed to offering only the top-quality products. On offer are regular, UV Protective, non-glare, non-glare conservation and Museum glass. Get in touch with our design staff who will be delighted to assist you in selecting the most suitable glass type for your artwork.

There are quite a few things to be considered when choosing a glass type. For instance, glass chosen could depend on the location of the painting and whether light from an external source such as lamps or windows could result in surface reflections. Under these circumstances, you may wish to contemplate employing non-glare glass over a standard clear type. If sunlight (particularly direct sunlight) is an area of concern or if you desire to lend your artworks added protection, you may consider one of our glass products with UV Blocking properties that will safeguard your art from damaging ultra-violet light. For extremely discerning customers who desire to have the very best, we offer Museum glass. For customers who prefer not to select glass products, we have a comprehensive range of alternatives manufactured from acrylic/Plexiglas.

The majority of picture frames are manufactured from either glass or acrylic. Since acrylic frames are more costly, most people associate the price with quality and think them to be superior to glass frames, though commonly unaffordable. However, this logic is not inevitably correct as there are pros and cons of both acrylic and glass options.


Due to it being extensively available and of inexpensive nature, glass is the most common glazing material for framing pictures. It is renowned, time-tested and dependable. Glass has the advantage of being more scratch-resistant and is simpler to clean; however it is far more heavy than acrylic and poses a hazard to both the art and persons around if it breaks.


Generally referred to as Plexiglas, acrylic is used in exactly the same manner as glass, and it is possible to purchase variants that possess UV-blocking and non-glare features. Around half the weight of glass, acrylic also does not shatter easily upon impact; however it is prone to scratches and also inclined to static buildup, removal of which entails usage of special-purpose cleaners and material, besides additional and careful handling.

Glazing Choices Available

Standard : This type of glass is multi-purpose and suggested for glazing in situations when there are no apprehensions regarding fading, glare and conservation. Ideal and suggested for display in regulated lighting setting, it is advisable to note that constant exposure to light, natural or artificial will result in your work of art getting damaged. When using standard glass, it is recommended that materials free of acidic content, such as mats, be used. For works of art that are more costly, it is advisable to upgrade to our UV-resistant glass.

Non Glare : Glazing exposed to light directly falling on it will result in glare that may take the attention of the viewers away from the framed picture. To avoid this, you may opt for non-glare glass that will subdue the glare and the mirror-effect that is associated with the normal variety of glass. Non-glare glass is finished with chemicals in such a way that light is scattered when it hits the surface of the glass, thus shielding your artwork from undesirable shine and distortion. This variant however, offers no protection from UV light.

UV : Over a period, UV light will have an effect on you work of art, whether indoors or outdoors. UV-light results in pictures fading thus preclude you from appreciating the original colors of the pictures or photographs. Art, especially on paper, can be irreversibly tarnished and damaged. UV glass assists in blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays and augments the colors while safeguarding the artwork from being faded. This glass type that can block up to 99% UV rays will help in preserving and relishing your art for a longer period.

UV / Non Glare : This glass variant combines the advantages of both Non-Glare Glass and UV-Protection Glass. Thus, not only will you be able to enjoy your artwork free from reflections and glare but protect it from the ravages of ultraviolet radiation for it being able to block up to 99% UV rays. Customers requiring a greater degree of protection from UV rays are however recommended to use Museum anti-reflection and UV-protection type of glass.

Museum : This type of glass is the most premium variant and most suitable for glazing your most valuable works of art as it offers the maximum possible deterrence to glare and ultraviolet radiation. The process of manufacturing that produces and an extra-protective and close-to-invisible glass, involves what is called ‘magnetron sputtering’ that deposits accurately-controlled films of highly-energized oxides of metal onto a substrate that is color-neutral. Museum glass is 99% proof against harmful UV rays, both indoors and outdoors, and has top quality light transmission property.

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