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Returns & Refunds

At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about our return policy, how to return items, refunds and replacements, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Returns Policy

BrushWiz offers best quality products and gives high importance to customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase due to any reason, return the products to us within 30 days and receive a free replacement or a full refund for the price of the product. There are no hidden terms or conditions in our 30 days return policy. Simply make sure that the packaging is not tampered and send the product(s) back to us in the original condition.

*this is our standard return policy, but it’s not applicable to all items. To learn about the exceptions and the return process of these particular products, kindly go through our list of return exceptions policy.

Defective, Damaged Or Incorrect Items Return Policy

We give highest priority to customer satisfaction and that is why we have a Convenient Photo Return Policy. If you receive any defective, damaged product or you are not happy with the condition of the delivered product, reap the benefits of our customer friendly Photo Return facility.

For faster product exchange/refund, please send our customer care department an image of the defect with an email. Describe the issue in the mail so that we can address your problem immediately. If you provide enough proof, we can replace or refund the product without delay.

We will process your request within 48 hours and one of our customer care executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If the damage can’t be checked via email, you have to send the item back to our warehouse for inspection. We will check the product and take a decision.

Our Photo Return Service email address is

List of Return Exceptions

The Standard Return policies are not applicable to all items. Here are the exceptions of our Standard Return policies and the guidelines for returning the products:

  • Photo to Painting Products
  • Framed Art
  • Oversized Paintings (40" or larger)
  • Gift Cards

Framed art, oversized paintings, gift cards and photo to painting products cannot be returned. If there is any problem with your order process or packaging, kindly contact our customer care team.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive any defective or damaged product (photo to painting products, framed art, oversized paintings and gift cards), or if we send a wrong item by mistake, you may get a free replacement for those items.

Standard Guidelines & Procedure

We will inspect the returned products and decide whether the products should be replaced/refunded or not. Please read the following guidelines and make sure that the products you are returning will meet our terms and conditions. BrushWiz has the right to charge up to 50% as refill fee for non conforming products. After receiving the product, we may take 72 hours (max) to complete the entire process.

Inspection rules

  • All returned products must remain in the actual packaging and dispatched safely
  • The returned product must match with the serial number mentioned on the invoice/package. We follow serial number tracking system to judge the legitimacy of a product.
  • Make sure that the product is free from damage of any type, including, but not limited to, cracks and scratches. Do not abuse or deface the product, because we don’t accept tampered products.
How To Return

When you pack and send the product back to us for refund/exchange, please follow the guidelines mentioned below to allow us to process your return in a timely fashion.

(1) Go to our Online Returns Center and collect a return mailing label and a return mailing authorization.

(2) Pack the product you want to return and send return mailing authorization with it. You can send the return mailing authorization in a separate box or in the same package that was given you at the time of delivery.* Please note that without “return mailing authorization” we cant process your product return request.

(3) Eradicate all the extra labels from the package before sending the product back to us. Do not forget to attach the return mailing label to the box.

(4) If you lose the product during shipping, BrushWiz will not be responsible for the loss. That is why we request you to use a secure shipping method to send the products back to us. Make sure that your product can be tracked. For instance, if you are using United States Postal Service, please send the product through certified mail.

After receiving the returned product, our fulfillment center professionals will inspect the product (usually within 72 hours of receipt) and if everything is alright, the refund amount will be credited to your credit card or original method of payment within 7 days. Kindly note that the money may get deposited in your account 2-10 business days later. This is not a fault from our side, it all depends upon your credit card company.

Our general Return Policy is not applicable to all the products in our site. To know about the exceptions and instructions on returning those specialty items, kindly refer to our list of return exceptions policy.

Return Shipping & Packaging Requirements

Always return the products with original packaging and packing slip. Make sure that the condition of the returned product is not affected due to any mishandling. We request our clients to insure their shipment and hire a reputed carrier who provides product tracking facility and send delivery confirmation mail. Please retain the Return Tracking Number for your return package to monitor delivery status.

If the returned items gets lost or damaged during transportation, we are not responsible for your loss. Postage and handling charges must be paid by the buyer and it’s non-refundable. However, if you received any defective product, we may repay the shipping charges. If the mistake is from our side and you want to exchange the product or request a refund, we will not charge the return shipping fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the returned product does not meet the criteria mentioned in this policy, we will send you a photograph of the returned item and packaging, and explain the reasons for not offering you any refund or exchange. We will send back the same product to you without any exchange. If, at our sole discretion, we decide to accept a non-eligible item for return, we may charge up to 50% as restocking fee. reserves the right to refuse any returns.

Refunds and Replacements

After our fulfillment center professionals accepted the returned goods, we will send you the refund amount within 7 days. The refund amount will be given in the same form that you have used during purchase. If you have used online gift certificates to buy the product, the amount will be credited back to your account or in form of a new claim code equal to that amount. If there is any manufacturing error or shipping error from our part, we will refund the shipping cost as well. * In case you have opt for a replacement product you will receive an email confirmation when your replacement is complete and ready for dispatch. BrushWiz will pay the shipping charges of any replacement request.

Credit card: The compensation amount will be credited to the card you have used for shopping purpose.

PayPal: If you used PayPal for shopping, the amount will be deposited in your PayPal account.

BrushWiz Gift Cards: The reimbursement amount will be given in the form of a BrushWiz Gift Card or in form of a new claim code equal to that amount. You can use the gift card to buy other items from

Restocking Fee

If we decide to refund/exchange a non-qualified product, BrushWiz has the right to claim a restocking fee of up to 50%. However, if you received a defective, damaged product or we delivered a wrong product, or law of the state prohibits us from charging any restocking fee, BrushWiz won’t charge you anything.

Additional Information

Return Material Authorization Number

BrushWiz will not accept any product without a legitimate Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. If the RMA number is not given in the item listing on our website or in our Return policy, you can ask for a RMA within 30 days from the date of delivery. Remember that RMA number is valid for 30 days, but we request you to return the damaged/defective product as soon as possible. If we receive any returned product without a RMA number, we may reject your request or ask you to pay a restocking charge.

Return Shipping Cost

BrushWiz will pay the shipping charges of defective or damaged products. However, if we think that the product is not eligible for exchange/refund, the buyer has to pay the shipping charges. For all other situations, the costs of return shipping is to be handled solely by the customer.

Refunds For Promotional Items and Seasonal Merchandise

If, at the time of your return, your holiday and seasonal merchandise are on clearance, they will be refunded at the rate of the purchase price.

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