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Shopping Experience

At we want you to have the simplest easiest buying experience possible. However we understand that you might have a few questions that we hope to help you answer here. Read on for details about product recommendations, daily deals, reviews and ratings, and more. If your query has not been answered here, please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

History Bar at is a means to make sure you do not miss out the most suitable product for you. It recommends items based on your preferences. We guess your preferences by acquiring information about the products that you have recently checked, the categories you have recently explored and the search phrases you have used. We use this user behavior information to recommend similar items that you might like. These recommended products can be seen at several places in our store.

Your Browsing History

Your Browsing History will allow you to track certain items that you have checked recently. These items include your recent search phrases that you have used or items and product categories that you have recently viewed. While browsing through our online store, you will come across different items, similar to what you may be looking at, at that time. Your Browsing History will be updated regularly to display your recently checked products, categories, and searches. We always try to suggest you items that are relevant to your preferences. Depending on your usage of our website, the expiry of your browsing history ranges from a few weeks to months.

Clearing Your Recent History

If you want to clear your browsing history, refer to Your Browsing History page and click on the "Delete this item" link, which is placed beside every item. If you want to delete all items together, click on the "Delete All" button situated in the left column.

Disable Your Browsing History

We hope you find Your Browsing History useful. However, if you do not want to enjoy advantages of this feature and want to turn it off, click here.

Super Deals

Super Deals brings in an exciting range of deals that allow customers to enjoy high discounts and rock-bottom prices. Every day, we offer different products that customers can avail at high discounts (the discounts usually range from 50-75%). However, the catch is that these deals are available for a limited period. This means that if you miss out on an offer, you miss it forever.

In the super deals section, we offer new items to our customers at least once a day. Also, when a particular promotion expires, we bring in a new deal in its place. We usually attach a message, such as “Added 8 hours ago” to latest deals so that customers can understand that it is a fresh deal. To ensure that you do not miss out attractive offers of Super Deals, check regularly.

Deals of the Day

If you want to buy a Deal of the Day product, click on the “SHOP NOW” button. This will redirect you to the product information page. To get the item at a discounted price with the promotion period, make sure you complete the checkout process before the deal ends.

24-Hour Deals

A 24-Hour Deal refers to a promotion, where a single item is offered at high discounted rates for only 24 hours. You can find these deals throughout BrushWiz, including the page dedicated to Daily Deals. However, remember that these deals are available only for a certain period. A 24-Hour Deal that will be uploaded soon, contain the label “Coming Soon'. We will mention from which time the deal will be available for purchase. However, we will not mention the discount rate, until the deals are actually uploaded.

Combining Deals

You can buy multiple products included in Daily Deals section on the same day itself. For instance, you can opt for a Just For You product, buy an item included in the Deals of the Day and choose a 24-Hour Deal item.

Terms and Conditions – Super Deals

  • Super Deal Promotion Box highlights the time remaining for buying respective items. To enjoy the discounted rates, customers need to place the desired item within the shopping cart before the deadline. Most daily deals expire at midnight. Therefore, items must be ordered before midnight to acquire them at discounted rates.
  • Discounted rates are applicable until stocks last.
  • Super Deals promotional discounts cannot be resold or transferred. They are also not redeemable for cash.
  • Promotional discounts will be applicable only for products featured.
  • Except under circumstances specified, promotional discount on super deals does not apply to shipping and handling or taxes.
  • Returning a product purchased using a Super Deal discount means you will be eligible for a refund equaling the cost of the product, subject to applicable refund policies.
  • Custom size items are not eligible for any additional discounts (this includes any items featured on our Super Deals section).
Search Products

The contents of are distributed across various sections. The name of every section is displayed on a gray-colored tab situated on the screen’s top. To explore the information contained in any section the tab may be clicked or just scrolled over to reveal the available groups and sub-groups contained therein. Example: A search for Leonardo da Vinci’s painting may be initiated by selecting “Artists” and thereafter the artist name, Leonardo da Vinci. From that point it is possible to peruse and evaluate the various paintings of the artist in an effort to identify a preferred one.

Search Tips

It is possible to conduct a search on every page of the website; just type in what you are looking for in the search box and hit the ‘Search” button. The search term will be checked by the website’s search engine against a list of all products available currently on the website. The search will be concluded with the display of a search results page or pages containing all the products that match your search parameter.

It is recommended that searches be made as precise as you can. For example if you are looking for paintings executed by Vincent Van Gogh, then you will be able to generate better quality results by feeding in the full title name in the search box than just entering a generic keyword. All products featuring in our catalogs carry a product number that also can be fed in as the search parameter. Entering this unique number will invoke a search that yields the specific product to which the number has been assigned.

Search Results

After a search is conducted on paintings, the outcomes that correspond to the information matching the search parameters are displayed in the search results page. It is possible to sort the results by alphabetical order, by new arrivals or by other parameters that are available on the drop-down menu or the navigation menu on the left hand side.

Formatting Your Search

No special characters such as quotation marks, plus signs, or boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) are required to be entered into the search box as these are ignored by the website’s search engine. For best results just enter the specific words that are likely to match what you are looking for. The website search engine is insensitive to case – this allows you to enter search terms without having to bother about upper or lower case typing.

Advanced Filtering

You can the help of advanced filters to locate products that fall within large classifications such as Impressionism or Modern. This facility available through a link on the navigation bar on the left permits you to locate specific products with the use of exact criteria.

Browse Our Categories

You will have observed that there are tens of thousands of paintings featured on our website; these range from the highly acclaimed works of Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet to modern compositions and other movements. With the bewildering choice it can be very difficult to decide the starting point of the search for that ideal painting that you are looking for to adorn your office or home. By taking advantage of the subcategory navigation options together with the “shop by” options available on the navigation bar on the left, you can further improve your search result quality.

Here are some extra helpful tips that make it easy for visitors to to explore its huge collection:

Search by Subject: A list of subjects or painting themes makes it easier to narrow down your search; typical selections range from abstract, landscape, history, mythology and religion, still life to portraits. With such a comprehensive coverage it is certain that we’ll have what you are hunting for.

Browse by Artist: If there is already an artist that you fancy, we make it easy for you to locate that artist by providing the entire list featuring the more than 2,500 names listed alphabetically; Abraham Bosschaert to William Bradford, we have them all.

Browse by Style: You have another option of finding the painting you are looking for by choosing from the different genres. You get a comprehensive list of genres such as Realism, Cubism, Surrealism, Impressionism, Victorian, etc.

Browse by museums: Sometimes you need to identify a painting by the museum that has the current custody of it. Our flexible search allows you access to a database that contains virtually every museum worldwide. Exercise this option to browse through that museum’s painting collections.

Browse By Artist Nationality: Should the nationality of the artist be of significance then you can search for paintings by that parameter as all paintings on our website are tagged with the nationality of the painter.

Browse by Painting Format: When you are looking to decorate your home or office space with that just perfect painting that reflects your persona and style, quite obviously it has to also perfectly fit into the space you have in mind. Our website allows a search functionality whereby you can narrow down your choice by specifying a particular shape – portrait, landscape, panoramic, etc.

When you have selected a number of search filters, you have the option of modifying them by de-selecting any sub-category from the breadcrumb trail appearing above the search results. You are permitted to sort the results and even change the number of results displayed per page from the drop-down boxes located at the top of the result display screen. Despite all the possible search refinements it is possible that you may not have found what you were searching for. We can offer you customized solutions that could be a handmade replica or even an original work of art. Please contact our customer service representatives with your inquires.

Searching by Colors

We give you the flexibility of browsing the website for products on the basis of colors; you could select a color from the provided palette and then go onto refine the results with the name of the artist of the painting. The search results page then displays the results ranked in order of best match. To explore this feature click here.

The List Of Results Is Too Long

The search results can be further refined by including more information or through the usage of the search filters available on the screen’s left side.

The List Of Results Is Too Short

If too many search parameters have been included then it is possible that the search results may be too thin or even empty. You can try again with lesser keywords or by removing some criteria or filters.

No Results Found - Tips

  • It simply could be that there are no products matching your search criteria or you may have just entered an incorrect Product Catalog Number. We suggest that you retry with appropriate painting title.
  • Check again your search terms; you may made a typing error or enter information in an incorrect field.
  • One-of-a-kind co-branding options offered to help you promote your brand
  • You may have been too specific in your search parameters and consequently the search engine failed to turn up the desired results. Try again with more broad terms or eliminating one or more search filters. Employing fewer keywords may work just fine.

Reviews of products provide useful information to users so as to help them to come to an informed decision about the purchase of a product and better the whole shopping experience. Star ratings offer a brief look at the opinions of other users on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Only BrushWiz users write the product reviews and contain information regarding the good and bad aspects of every product.

The reviews of products are written by third party individuals and are intended to provide only information. BrushWiz does not advocate or guarantee the correctness and trustworthiness of the information. BrushWiz eliminates the liability for any error, delay or omission in this information or for any loss or damage resulting from the use or display of it, which includes the offers or transactions that may result from this information.

You are hereby to note that when you submit a product review, you automatically accept that your use of the ratings and reviews are ruled by Product Review Guidelines and BrushWiz Terms of Use. The latter is more consequential than the former and FAQs should any doubt or strife take place.

About Customer Product Reviews

Customers can check Customer Product Reviews on the product details page and express their opinions about a particular product-both positive and negative. We allow our users to assign any ratings to the items listed in our store. You can rate any product, even if you did not buy it from our store. The main purpose of Customer Product Reviews is to offer users valuable information about items and encourage them to take informed decisions. You can also share your evaluation of a product with other members of

Using Product Reviews

At, you can check authentic product evaluation, submitted by site members and clients. You can explore the product categories and pick them according to their customer star ratings. Alternatively, you can browse every review separately by going through each set of products and reading the reviews of customers stating whether they have liked it or not. Once you start reading, you will be able to ascertain usefulness of the reviews. We opt for these votes to enhance quality of the results page for other users.

Submitting A Review Of A Product

You will find the link “Write a Review” on every product page, review page and topic page. Click on this link and you will be directed to a form wherein you can put in your review and submit. Please note that, to be able to write and submit a product review, you have to be a member of BrushWiz and you must be signed in at the time of writing and posting your review. In case you are not a registered member of, please go to the registration area before posting your review.

While writing the review, consider these following points:

  • Share your personal experience about the product. State your liking or disliking honestly. Stick to discussing characteristics of the product.
  • Try to maintain a word limit of 500 words.
  • Do not include any unnecessary information, URLs, contact information or offensive language in the review.
  • Do not comment about other issues-such as quality of service offered, sales and shipping rules.

By submitting a product review, you permit the royalty-free and irrevocable right to utilize the review, according to Terms of Use of BrushWiz and Product Review Guidelines. Your product review could be uploaded on the title page of within 24-48 hours. Though we have the right to remove a review that is out of topic or uses improper language, the content of all product reviews, including those that are about our products, will never be modified before published on our website.

Negative Reviews

We welcome both positive and negative reviews. Honest evaluation will help our customers to get a realistic idea about the product. Submitting any review will benefit all customers at, provided it is product-specific.

Calculating The "Average Product Rating"

Simple average of all the ratings posted for a particular product is called the “The Average Product Rating".

Finding Review Of A Desired Product

Go to the search field and put in your desired item number or keyword of the product of which you want to read reviews. If other users have reviewed that item, you will be able to see the average stars and then the number of reviews posted. You will find the overall rating as well as the reviews submitted for that product in the “Product Reviews” page.

Meaning Of "Sort By"

Product reviews appear in the order of helpfulness. Which means reviews that are voted as 'Most Helpful' by other users will appear first. However, you can change the order in which reviews appear by selecting a sorting option. For instance, if you are looking for the most recent review, select "Newest."

Product Review Guidelines

While reviewing any item, consider these following guidelines. Implementing these guidelines will make sure that others will benefit from your review.

  • Stick to your experience of using the product.
  • Be specific and share your personal opinion only
  • Consider that the primary aim of a product review is to benefit other users who are thinking of buying the product.
  • All product reviews will be scrutinized, on the basis of Terms of Use of BrushWiz and Product Review Guidelines of BrushWiz.

We possess the right to delete any review, in case it contains any of the following:

  • Abusive or defamatory language that should not be used in a public forum.
  • Commercial content, such as advertisements, links or discussion about other websites, products, or competitors.
  • Any contact information-such as phone number, email or home address.
  • Malicious comments about other product reviews or personal attack on another reviewer.

Please note: All product reviews should fulfill the stated guidelines and written in English. Usually, reviews are displayed on the website within 24-48 hours. If you have submitted any review recently, visit our website soon to check whether it has been posted.

Method of Earning Bonus Points

Bonus Points are what we use to thank our customers. The more a customer shops and contributes to, the more points he earns. To know more about Bonus Points, please click here.

With every product review that you post, you can collect Bonus Points. The greater the number of reviews, the more Bonus Points for you. We have designed our Bonus Points program to appreciate those who regularly contribute their valuable reviews and opinions about the products available at If you are interested in fine art or if you buy a product from us, we request you to post your review and earn some Bonus Points.

Below are the guidelines provided by BrushWiz for those users who want to earn more Bonus Points in order to increase their BrushWiz bonus.

(1) Write detailed reviews that contain the pros and cons of the product in question. The writing should be of good quality. With time, those who write the best reviews are likely to get at least 3-5 times more points than passable reviews on the same item.

(2) Write the first review for a product. Members who are looking for information on our latest offerings, want the best reviews. So the earliest reviews are likely to become the most frequently cited reviews. An interesting review of a product that has been popular but not reviewed before will lead to a greater earning of points than an umpteenth review on an extremely popular painting.

(3) Keep rating others' reviews regularly, properly and be fair in your judgment. If you mislead members with inaccurate recommendations regarding which reviews to read, their decision will be affected and will reflect on your BrushPoints bonus. On the other hand, providing appropriate ratings to help others find good reviews will build trust and enhance the buying experience, and eventually, earning you more BrushPoints.

(4) Create a reputation for yourself. Dedicated reviewers who have been writing reviews for a long time build trust and a feeling of authenticity through their regular, quality writings. The reviews of these reputable writers are likelier to be read and thus impact a buying decision as well as earn you more BrushPoints.

Report a Review

Some reviews may violate the Product Review Guidelines or BrushWiz Terms of Use. To report, you need to return to the review and click the "Report abuse" option. Fill in the form with detailed information stating the reasons why the review should be removed. The Customer Care team will go through the review and take proper action, according to the BrushWiz Terms of Service or our Guidelines. Though we will peruse every review that has been brought to our attention, there is no assurance that we will take the review out.

Rules To Follow To Write A Product Review

You are requested to go through the Product Review Guidelines before beginning to write your review. We have the right to refuse or eliminate reviews that do not adhere to these guidelines or the BrushWiz Terms of Use, as decided by the BrushWiz in its sole discretion, and to dissolve your BrushWiz account for violation. BrushWiz does not hold any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the product reviews and ratings submitted by users.

Rating System

BrushWiz rating system is very strong. Community rating elevates some reviews to the top of BrushWiz and drops other reviews to the bottom. Therefore, reviewers should understand that there is a certain level of responsibility related with the rating reviews on BrushWiz.

Based on the feedback we received from our loyal rating members, the following rules have been developed to provide guidance on how to rate. The guidelines mentioned below will also help the reviewers to improve their reviews and will enhance their chances of getting the highest rating.

Rating a review is simple - there are specific buttons for rating reviews such as thumbs up, thumbs down, flag review (report abuse). Click on the button to state your opinion about the review.

The Most Important Guideline on How to Rate

A product review should be judged on the basis of its helpfulness to buyers of BrushWiz. The review should help the buyers to take an informed buying decision. Things in Reviews That Help Buyers Take an Intelligent Buying Decision:

1. Concentrate on the Buying Decision - While rating a review; always remember that customers will read the review to take a buying decision. Does the review give you enough information and encourage you to buy that product? Would you share this review with a friend if he asks you for any information about that particular product?

2. Suggest - Do you think that the review will help someone understand whether the product is suitable for him or not? The review does not need to sell the product; it should help the viewer to form an opinion.

3. Relevance to Mentioned Product/Topic - If the product review is not related to the product it’s talking about, it’s not helpful. If it does not provide any valuable information about the stated topic/product product, it’s not helping the customers at all.

4.Lucid Language and Easily Understandable - Make sure the review provides all the positive and negative aspects of the product its discussing. The language should be lucid and the review should be organized properly. All these qualities of a review help the shopper to take faster decisions.

5. Details - Detail information is more helpful than a paid advertisement. Does the review clarify why the reviewer bought that product? What are the exclusive features of the product and why is it better than other competing products? All these information help buyers get a clear idea of the product.

Other Factors To Be Considered Before Giving A Rating

Impartiality - While rating a review, consider its value to the buyers. You may not agree with the reviewer’s opinion, but that does not mean you should give it a “non-helpful” rating. Your poor rating may prevent the visitors from seeing a valuable review.

Fairness - Rate a review on the basis of its content, not the writer. A bad reviewer can improve with time and start writing good reviews, if you give him the chance to do so. However, if you give someone poor rating just to take revenge, it will not help you or BrushWiz. Similarly, positive rating exchange between reviewers will drop the reliability of BrushWiz.

Helpful for Readers - Don’t judge a review on the basis of its length. Can the readers find important information quickly in the review? Some reviews are too long and take longer time to find relevant information.

Believe in Your Intuition - Have confidence and rate a review as you think it should be rated. Don’t let others’ opinion cloud your judgment.

Review Ratings

Although the rating depends on you, BrushWiz provides instructions to help you understand the process for rating the reviews you have gone through. Below is a brief description of our rating instructions:

Helpful - Remarkably accurate and perfectly presented. Shares personal experience and detailed information about the product. Gives a clear advice to the shoppers.

Not-Helpful - Gives fragmented information, no opinion and does not share any personal experience. The review may have small writing or presentation issues, but does not violate BrushWiz rules.

Report an Abuse - Several grammatical/spelling errors, inaccurate information or bad presentation. You can also give this rating if the review is offensive, spam, copied from another source or violates the terms and conditions of BrushWiz.

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