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About Product Alerts and Subscriptions

What is a Subscription?

Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary (RSS) handles all subscriptions. Subscribing to RSS enables receipt of updates, essentially headlines, from all the websites of your preference in your chosen RSS reader.

What is an RSS Reader?

An RSS reader is essentially an app that aggregates and shows fresh headlines and abstracts from all the web sources that you have selected.

What is the Subscription Process?

A subscription (through an RSS feed) entails two issues; an RSS reader or the application that gathers and shows news captions and synopses, and the website address of the source of the RSS feed.

  1. RSS reader needs to be downloaded and installed.
  2. Identify the website address of the news you wish to be kept informed on.
  3. Add the website address into the RSS reader; normally done by clicking on the "Subscribe Now" button.
  4. The news in the feed will be refreshed as and when the source includes fresh content

Which are the Better RSS Readers?

A variety of RSS readers exist; some such as FeedBurner, RSSReader, FeedReader can be accessed through browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer while others such as BlogExpress, Pheeder, NetNewsWire, Syndirella are independent applications.

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