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Convert Your Photo Into Handmade Masterpiece

Convert Your Photo Into Handmade Masterpiece

Get your beloved photos transformed into oil on canvas paintings, 100% hand-painted and customizable.

Paint My Photo

Handmade Masterpiece Painted from Your Photos specializes in converting a digital image or photograph into a handmade masterpiece. Our artists can turn any image-ranging from your portrait, family pictures, your first car to your vacation pictures, to a spectacular artwork. Since our artists start working from scratch on a blank canvas, their creative efforts are limitless. With the help of our artists, your favorite photo can turn into a unique masterpiece, worthy of being regarded as a heirloom.

Turning Photos Into Paintings

Paintings Available in Any Size

Since we commission all our artworks according to your unique preferences, each painting sold by us is custom made. Therefore, whatever size you may need, we are ready to meet your requirements. We showcase standard size paintings in our site, but you can order any size you want. You can always commission a painting as small in size as 18" x 18" to a large mural that will nestle an entire wall of your office. We are ready to accept any painting size.

Available in Any Size

Restoring Old Photos / Colorizing Black & White Photos

We undertake restoration of old photographs and we are equipped with expertise to convert black and white photos into colorful paintings. Any photo requiring restoration will at once be identified by us and we would restore it spontaneously. When you wish to convert black and white pictures into color you must provide specifications and details of your request in the comments box. All minute details should be included in your request so that the photos could be colorized as per your desire and requirements. Precise details like desired color of the hair or the color of the eyes should be provided, for perfect results.

Restoring Old Photos / Colorizing Black & White Photos

Reproduction of One Painting from Different Photos

We can create a brand new photo by integrating different photos into one painting. Our artists start anew each time on a clean canvas so they can easily give shape to all your thoughts and ideas. Let your imagination run wild. Our artists are proficient and they know exactly what they need to add or eliminate to create a stunning reproduction. For example, we could bring in an extra person into a family portrait, add a new background, or even modify any old master painting according to your preferences. In fact, we can incorporate your face within any well-known painting or even paint you in a preferred style. Only limiting factor in composites is your imagination.

Reproduction of One Painting from Different Photos

Combining Images from Different Photographs

You can always use subjects from a number of photographs and integrate them into one single painting. All you need to do is to give detailed and clear-cut instructions while you place your order. You would get an opportunity to upload as many as five photographs in a single painting order. You are supposed to furnish details in the remarks box, stating exactly how you wish to incorporate subjects from the photos into one single painting. No extra charges are demanded for this particular service.

Combining Images from Different Photographs

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