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The Painting Process The Painting Process The Painting Process The Painting Process

The Process Of Making A Masterpiece

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Purchasing a painting from is like re-visiting the past! Every artwork sold is painted by our flawless artists in the same long-established traditions adhered to by the most renowned artists worldwide and giving due importance to the elements of aesthetics, style and technique. Please read the steps employed by our artists in creating oil paintings proudly exhibited on our website. You will discover every oil painting at BrushWiz is painted meticulously, brushstroke by brushstroke, opening with a bare canvas and closing with a bona fide masterpiece!

STEP 1: Sketching an outline of the intended oil painting

The painting process begins with a sketch or outlining of the painting before employing any oil paints to the canvas. At this point our artist can draw the sketch of the subject matter, while maintaining the appropriate scale of the different shapes and figures that will constitute the completed oil painting. Our artists use variety of specifically designed charcoal pencils to execute the layout of the sketch.

STEP 2: Applying the initial coat of paint

At this juncture, our painter uses a moderately wide brush to smear the initial coat of paint to the canvas. The initial layer of oil paint or "undercoat" acts as the cover blank gesso surface of the canvas. It also helps in "toning" the canvas. In this process of painting, our artist focuses on the color for initial use, on the most remote backdrop, and then gradually treating the elements on the foreground, while constantly trailing the outline drafted on the canvas.

STEP 3: Painting of the forms and shapes

At this stage, our artist continues to paint the remaining section of the canvas with the basecoat of oil paint, while also involved in painting the different forms and shapes which are vital ingredients of the painting. Colors are meticulously mixed and deftly applied to the canvas in contrasting hue intensities for achieving the ideal depth, perspective and the essence of color. At this stage the paint that had so far been applied must be dried prior to moving on to the next phase.

STEP 4: Adding textures

At this stage, our artist employs various artistic techniques to create texture to the painting, while deliberating on the required consistency and depth of the oil paints that will adorn the oil painting with its exceptional character. The artist accomplishes the intricate task of adding texture to the oil painting by the nifty manipulation of various shapes, artistic brushstrokes and the fine application of paint.

STEP 5: Painting of the artistic details

An oil painting cannot be turned into a masterpiece without incorporating the artistic details. Every minute detail, like shadows, color prominence, shading and highlights are all fundamental elements of artistic details. Any lingering details essential to perfectly finish the oil painting are attended to at this time. The artist meticulously examines the oil painting to ascertain that all the finishing touches have been made.

STEP 6: The oil painting, a spanking new masterpiece!

When the artist is pleased with the finished oil painting, an expert senior artist is summoned to closely examine the painting and offer his/her professional opinion before the ultimate approval. Only then can this oil painting be deemed a genuine masterpiece!
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